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These are the free shortcuts of 5200 American Masters and Millionaires, interviewed one at a time.
Whether earning online income, pursuing basketball,baseball, or some other sport; writing books, becoming an actor or politician or teacher,you have thousands of human skills and resources to use. We'd like to teach you, or at least remind you,how to use more of the resources already at your disposal. Within 100 days, you can expect fantastic, unprecedented results in your life, boosting productivity with powergems from Mr_Shortcut.
Whether you want to be excellent, or rich, getting rich and making money is far easier than you thought.
Reach out for your dreams, reach inside of you for what you need to make it happen. Sex, drugs, rock and roll,
they're all within your grasp. Girls and boys, men and women, there IS a giant inside of you. Go for it!

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Enjoy and engage the healthiest website on the internet,
where YOUR health and wealth are addressed in detail
by the single most well-read human in history,
averaging a book or two per day for more than sixteen thousand days.
The brilliance is NOT found in MisterShortcut's prolifically eager mind;
it is found in his discoveries and studies of the best thinking,
and, much more importantly, the best results of all time.
based on the best role models around us all,
because those who do it better
have a great tendency to know better.
based on the best role models around us all,
because those who do it better
have a great tendency to know better.
based on the best role models around us all,
because those who do it better
have a great tendency to know better.

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exist because you are a valuable, important human being.
Fact is, there is a mathematical need to recognize, like it or not,
that you may be one of the thousand of each generation,
one thousand very unique humans,
who truly change the worldjust for you by ...

from the man with your plan, Mr_Shortcut, for you

Heed The Secrets of The Pathway of Smart People

1,440 separate opportunities to show us who and what you are.
Please play attention to those who know and do better than you.
Those who repeatedly perform at world-class are our best teachers.


If you want to think or speak of years and months, do it in writing.
If you cannot show us a brief, ONE-LINE explanation of your next year,
if you cannot show us a brief, TWO-LINE explanation of your next month,
then you have no business speaking in terms of time you have yet to master.

Instead, consider time in nothing more than each day, so much larger than you recognize.

If you were offered an opportunity to fly to what is called "Opportunity Camp,"
where you will be given a vast range of tools, and a thousand opportunities,
can you tell us what your efforts will be focused on during your participation?
A distinct shortcut of success is knowing in advance where you are headed to.

The Pathway of Smart People Follows Masters And Millionaires

Each of the one thousand opportunities can profoundly advance your life.
The only rule is that you must give your absolute greatest effort during each.

One opportunity is to be treated as being thoroughly separate from the other 999.
Yes, you can mix the power or fruit of any opportunity with one or more of the others.

Let's review that. One thousand opportunities for you to try to be the best on earth.
We'll settle for seeing you try to be the best you have ever been in your life.
In other words, you will NOT be graded on how much your efforts yield.
Your entire grade will be based exclusively on your level of effort.
So, trying your utmost during each of the thousand opportunities,
you can surely outscore those born with all the "advantages."

If you are half as smart as you believe yourself to be,
you now recognize that there's no need to pretend.
Your life is a never-ending pack of opportunities.
Each day, and every day you live and breathe,
you get one thousand separate opportunities.
Until today, you have wasted most of them.
I do more per day than you do per week.

It is not because I am any smarter.
I just choose to use my minutes,
my chances to excel yet more.
These are my opportunities.
You are invited to yours.
YOUR opportunities.
Your own minutes.
Let's awaken your giant.
You know there is greatness in you.
The Pathway of Smart People also knows.
From this point forward, let us tap your minutes.
Whether you are tying your shoelaces or fixing a brain,
you already know how to get a tiny bit better at what you do.
You've already done so for petty pursuits. Now, you choose to grow.
No matter whether you understand it, those efforts carry over into others.
Plus, they also add to each other on levels below your conscious perception.
Added together, your efficiency, your mind itself, both enjoy great improvements.
Every great event in your life took place because of a decision that took an instant.

The next twenty-four hours of your life will electrify the rest of your life, with an instant!
One instant, the most magical instant of your life when you decide on universal excellence.
The next twenty-four hours provides you with one thousand separate opportunities for excellence.
That does not include 440 minutes for sleeping, bathing, eating, etc, only the best of your 1,000 minutes.

The Pathway of Smart People does not merely THINK this will work for you.
These PowerGems of the Pathway of Smart People have already worked for millions of humans.
They are one-conditionally guaranteed to work for you, the one condition being "USAGE!"

The Pathway of Smart People On Tapping Opportunities

1,440 separate opportunities to show us who and what you are.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.

In mostly every case of humans rising up above the norm, we see a delightful common trait. That means you get to know the outcome of a specific circumstance in event. Just like knowing which horse will win the race before it starts, you get to invest in it. It's not gambling when you know the probable outcome in advance. With every single example of human excellence repeated, it dates back to that one single moment, what we call "an instant," when something happened to change them forever.

Remember that the job of the Pathway of Smart People is to get you to tap into these moments for yourself more and more often and with less effort as you progress,

Whether or not you're fully prepared to understand it, there is a warp in the fabric of time itself that you - and pretty much every human - can tap into at will. That means "any time you want to." Think of any one of the thousands of examples of human excellence you have learned of or witnesses or participated in throughout your life. Although there are many millions of such examples, you personally have likely become familiar, however briefly, with thousands of those examples of excellence. Again and again it boils down to that instant of "Aha!" It is an instant of decision, when any other path was cut off. Excellence is a choice of how we use each instant.